Kubernetes Deployment Error – PodToleratesNodeTaints


You have a single node (master) kubernetes deployment and you want to schedule standard pods.

The master name is your hostname: $(hostname).

Upon your attempt at deploying a service, you notice the state of the resulting pod remains in Pending.

Further investigation via kubectl describe pod {{ YOUR_POD_NAME }} reveals an error similar to
No nodes are available that match all of the following predicates:: PodToleratesNodeTaints

Due Diligence:

  • All kubernetes nodes are in a ‘Ready’ status: kubectl get nodes
  • All kubernetes nodes have sufficient resources for pod deployment: kubectl describe nodes
  • Your image is available on the docker registry you’ve specified in your kubernetes manifest (.yaml)


According to this post:

“No nodes are available that match all of the following predicates:: PodFitsHostPorts (1), PodToleratesNodeTaints”

The troubleshooting methodology was to review the kubernetes codebase:

  • Navigate to the kubernetes github repo
  • Search the repository for the relevant function
  • Kubernetes is written in golang, so search for “func PodToleratesNodeTaints”

As such, the following block of code:

if v1helper.TolerationsTolerateTaintsWithFilter(pod.Spec.Tolerations, taints, filter) {
return true, nil, nil

Will not be executed, which will trigger the next line of code:

return false, []algorithm.PredicateFailureReason{ErrTaintsTolerationsNotMatch}, nil

Effectively returning false, hence the original error

Further investigation on your master:

kubectl describe node $(hostname) | grep -i taint

If the command returns something similar to:

Taints: node-role.kubernetes.io/master:NoSchedule

Then your node is unschedulable.

The fix would be to remove this taint, as follows:

kubectl taint nodes $(hostname) node-role.kubernetes.io/master:NoSchedule-

You should see a confirmation similar to:

node {{ NODE_NAME }} untainted

You should now be able to schedule pods on this node


I came across the github issue description by Googling the following search term:

gls*"No nodes are available that match all of the following predicates" "PodToleratesNodeTaints"