What’s up. My name is Bert. I am a dedicated father and husband, and am big on technology.

My trade is in information technology, with a specialty in Systems Administration and Automation. I absolutely love DevOps (Development + Operations) and am an avid proponent of automation in languages such as PowerShell, Python, Bash, and Ruby. I also enjoy working with infrastructure orchestration and platform tools such as Puppet, Vagrant, Kubernetes, and Docker. But wait, there’s more: I’m all about that Jenkins for Continuous Integration, and I love love love all things Atlassian (JIRA, Confluence, etc).

My service area is the Lehigh Valley in Central PA, so if you seek expertise in Systems Administration & Automation, I’m your guy.

Enjoy my blog!

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  1. My name is Benjamin. I left another comment on a page on this site entitled “Configuring an OpenVPN Multisite VPN Bridge Using Public Key Infastructure (PKI)”. I think you are genius sir. I have been working with domains (exchange servers and voip systems etc etc) for some time. I have fallen in love with pfsense and use it across the states at various sites. I recently ran into some snags with the TAP bridge functions on the latest 2.2.5. I have carefully “hacked” this distro in several ways to do things i need…such as postfix, snort, and squid3 with various needed fixes that were needed in this release. There were fixes required in the inc files etc etc but i finally got a clone that works across the board. I even upgraded the cyphers to get an “A” rating. I am proud of pfsense and all that it allows admins to do.
    I am stuck right now with this issue that was seemingly fixed in previous versions with a patch in the system manager for the “openvpn tap bridge fix”. It seems not to be present in the new 2.2.5. Unfortunately until they get an upgrade that fixes the things that i have had to fix manually even an upgrade that fixes this TAP issue wont help as it means having to redefine code etc etc to repair the new version for what i have working in 2.2.5 now which is a wonderfully stable secure gateway that is clonable…..anyway i have property in NY and also in Holland PA. I see from this about me page that you are from Allentown. I pass that on my way back and forth to NY. We are not far away from one another relatively. Anyway….I can really use your help with this tap bridge issue. The bridge interface and related checkboxes do not become available even after successful creation of the bridge (unless somehow i have missed something).
    Can you contact me and give me a brief push in the right direction. I am happy to pay for your time sir.
    You can reach me at [redacted]. Likewise my email is being populated in the form here as well. Thanks in advance sir.

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